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iXBRL or Inline XBRL - the SEC iXBRL Mandate for 2021.

SEC on iXBRL: What is the 2021 SEC mandate all about, requiring all companies that file a 10-Q to now also file using Inline XBRL. Should I care? Can I ignore this? Here is what the SEC says. iXBRL, or Inline XBRL, is an open standard that enables a single document ....
CIK 0001017386: Completion Corp. is an SEC EDGAR Filing Agent dating back to 1996. Our EDGAR CIK code is 0001017386. Look us up.

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Edgarizing, XBRL, and now iXBRL Inline XBRL tagging and filing are the primary focus at Completion Corp. Now offering 25 years experience as an SEC Filing Agent, we have prepared and filed thousands of 10-K's, 10-Q's, 8-K's, etc., with the SEC.

That includes multiple successful live iXBRL filings. Our expert staff have completed many hours of interactive training in recent months. Let us show you how well and how fast we can do your iXBRL.

Established in 1996, Completion Corporation is a professional consulting firm focused on iXBRL, Edgar, and XBRL filing services. We are commited to the successful filing of our clients' compliance documents. Contact us now for all of your SEC XBRL and Edgar filing needs. Our performance is based on a solid commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Let Completion Corp. help you complete your project.

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